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The Bad Boy From Rosebud, a serial killer named Kenneth Allen McDuff, was executed on November 17, 1998. McDuff’s notoriety results not just from the frightening nature of his crimes, but also from the journey that returned him to death row AFTER having been paroled from the first death sentence he received for murders he committed in 1966. McDuff is the only convicted killer in American history to have been assigned two different death row numbers and sentenced to two different forms of execution by three different juries. McDuff’s parole in 1989 made it possible for him to murder again, which in turn resulted in one of the largest prison construction projects in the history of the free world.

The Bad Boy from Rosebud is now available. Call (800) 826-8911 or go to you favorite bookstore and ask for ISBN: 1-57441-072-5.

The Bad Boy From Rosebud delves into:

  • McDuff's childhood;
  • The unbelievable sub-culture of drugs, prostitution and violence in which he flourished;
  • The horrifying crimes he committed;
  • The extraordinary cooperation of at least one dozen law enforcement agencies engaged in a nationwide manhunt to arrest him;
  • His unwitting fashioning of an "impossible" political coalition to restructure the criminal justice system
  • The dramatic search for and recovery of missing victims
  • A minute-by-minute account of his execution on November 17, 1998


The Bad Boy From Rosebud:
The Murderous Life of Kenneth Allen McDuff

"This is classic crime reporting."
Dan Rather, Anchor, the CBS Evening News

This mass market reprint is no longer available. Bad Boy From Rosebud is available online in trade paperback from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

From Booklist
"Bad Boy" falls laughably short of describing Kenneth Allen McDuff, and "evil" seems too charitable. "Big Mac" was part Ted Bundy, part legendary small-town ogre Ken Rex McElroy (see Harry N. McLean's In Broad Daylight, 1988). He hated women, and his signature crime was to "take" a young woman and "use her up." He would force "around the world" sex (oral, anal, and vaginal penetration) on her and then murder her. Lit cigarettes and other instruments of petty torture figured prominently in his homicidal rituals. Lavergne's descriptions of McDuff, his crimes, and the trouble the minions of justice had in putting him away (he was on death row twice--years apart--before being executed) are the stuff of a book in which many a chapter ends with a cliff-hanger that impels the reader into the next. McDuff's monumentally cruel, breathtakingly brutal antics may make even the most hardened true-crime fans sweat. A must for aficionados of the grisly and a thrill ride to hell for more casual crime fans. Mike Tribby

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