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The Family Connection to the Historic Daniel Boone

From Lives of Quiet Desperation by Gary M. Lavergne

Gary M. Lavergne/Laura C. Lavergne Resided in Church Point, Louisiana, until 1989 when they moved to Round Rock, Texas. They are presently living in Cedar Park, Texas.

Nolan D. Lavergne/Helen B. Richard Resided in Opelousas, New Iberia, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Church Point, Louisiana. They are buried in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Cemetery II between Church Point and Lawtell, Louisiana. He had various jobs during his adult life. He is noted for his work as a policeman and for his tenure as Marshall of the Town of Church Point. She managed the school lunch program for Our Mother of Peace Catholic School in Church Point.

Jean Clairville Lavergne/Aline Olivier Resided as tenant farmers in rural St. Landry Parish near the hamlet of Lawtell, Louisiana. After retiring, they resided in Opelousas in a small house on Gerard St. Both are buried in St. Bridget's Cemetery in Lawtell, Louisiana.

Oscar Olivier/Aurelia Thibodeaux Resided in rural St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Noel Olivier/ Euranie Boone Resided in rural St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.

Daniel Boone/Eurasie Boudreau Resided in rural St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.

Daniel Boone/Anne Boudreau Resided in rural St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. This Daniel Boone was the first of his line to move to present day Louisiana. His marriage certificate, written in Spanish, reads in part: "Daniel Boone, native of Carolina, North America, son of John, widower of Marie Rose Benoit, his first wife, who renounced the Anglican religion, married Anne Boudreau, daughter of Augustine Boudreau and Judith Martin."

Jonathan Boone/Marie Carther Resided in Berks County, Pennsylvania until about 1750; moved to Rowan County, North Carolina, near a fork created at the Yadkin River by Bear Creek and Hunting Creek where they owned a dam and a mill. They moved to Squire Boone's Station in Kentucky in 1783. After a few years they settled along the Green River in Kentucky and still later at the Big Falls of the Wabash River near Mount Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois. It was there that Jonathan Boone died in 1808. He is the brother of the famous pioneer and pathfinder, Daniel Boone.

Squire Boone/Sarah Morgan Resided in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Rowan and Davie Counties, North Carolina. He was born in England and was brought to America by his father. He is buried at the Joppa Cemetery, near Salisbury, North Carolina, next to his wife Sarah Morgan. Squire and Sarah Boone are the parents of Daniel Boone, the famous pioneer and pathfinder. Squire Boone's move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina was occasioned by a dispute with Quaker Elders of Exeter over the marriage of his son, Israel, to a woman who was not a Quaker; he married "out" of the church. Squire refused to apologize for the marriage or condemn his son. He sent Israel and Jonathan to the upper Yadkin River in North Carolina for the purpose of relocating the entire family. Once there they apparently converted to the Anglican Church. This couple are the parents of the famous Daniel Boone of historical significance.

George Boone III/Mary Maudridge Resided in Berks, County, Pennsylvania. He emigrated from Stoke in Devonshire, England. They were probably lured to the New World through William Penn's extensive advertising of Pennsylvania as a safe haven for persons of all religions. George Boone was a Quaker. He is the first of this lineage to live in the New World. He was a weaver by trade; he taught that trade to his sons.

George Boone II/Sarah Uppery Resided in Stoke, Devonshire, England.

George Boone I/Anne Fallace Most likely resided in Stoke, Devonshire, England.

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